WEBINARS@LESLEY: Photoshop 101

Lesley’s popular free webinar series returns with “Photoshop 101” taught by The Art Institute of Boston graduate and Illustration faculty member Keith MacLelland. Learn the basics of Photoshop in only one hour! Find out how to create and edit beautiful photos and design documents with this powerful software and enhance your pictures, personal projects or class work. We’ll provide you with a trial version of the software to use as you participate in Keith’s class, and show you some of the more cost-effective ways to use this software and the tools that support it.

If you do not currently own a version of Adobe Photoshop, this CS5 trial version is fully functional and offers every feature of the product for you to test-drive.

For the purpose of this webinar we will be utilizing the very basics, many of which are available in Adobe’s PhotoShop Elements, which is only $99.

We will also be discussing Wacom’s pressure sensitive drawing tablets. Although these can be quite pricey, the basic user could get away with the $99 Bamboo modal linked here. And as a side bonus, it comes bundled with PhotoShop Elements 7.0 as well as additional software!


Topics we’ll cover will include:

- User Interface (UI) overview
- Basic image color correction
- Scratch and blemish removal
- Image preparation for print and web-based venues
- Layers, adjustment and non
- A Wacom Tablet & Photoshop, together

4 Responses to WEBINARS@LESLEY: Photoshop 101

  1. Lisa says:

    Keith, why did you start with that red layer when you started working on the photo?

  2. Keith says:

    The red layer was a new Alfa Channel created in the Channels Tab. In order to draw out a precise selection, I start with a full alfa channel and subtract from it with 100% white. To add to an alfa channel you would use 100% black. Once you’ve drawn out the desired areas, close the eyeball of the alpa layer and select the RGB layer. Then choose the layers tab so you can be sure that you’ll be applying your effect to the appropriate layer.

    Once complete, under the Select Menu at the top of the screen, and scroll down to the Load Selection. Choose your newly created alpha channel and now you’re free to paint, or edit within the selected area.

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