Lesley Launches New Webinar Series

Welcome to Teaching Math Made Easy: New Methods for Teaching the Basics – a webinar featuring Lesley University’s Director of Math Programs Dr. Anne Collins

Dr. Collins presents on making hard-to-teach rational number concepts accessible to all students with an in-depth look at new methods to provide a visual approach to working with fractions as ratios on the cartesian coordinate plane. Viewers will learn new approaches to teaching addition, subtraction, multiplication and division using a graphing representation.

To sign up for future webinars or if you have any questions about viewing this webinar, please e-mail awoods@lesley.edu.

2 Responses to Lesley Launches New Webinar Series

  1. Natalia Zuazo says:

    I would like to be informed about future webinars. thank you

  2. maria michelsson says:

    thank you very much – this is the part of your summer AMTNYS I was looking for – to me it is fascinating – how to represent fractions on the cartesian coordinate plane – thanks you again

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